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Our Vision

Social Capital Conversion Global Network Ltd exists to empower people to live their dream life, by utilizing the not enough in the hands of many to provide more than enough for as many.

Our Mission

To make Free Ownership of the Necessities of Life, such as: cars; houses; land; real estate rents; school fees; and other concerns possible, utilizing people's social capitals.

Our Approach

Even though it has been widely acclaimed that “The greatest asset or blessing one could have is people and not money,” many, though rich in people, are still at loss on how to truly benefit from people resource or asset, hence have continued in pursuit of money.

Social Capital Conversion Global Network Ltd (SCCGNL) over the years concerns and body of work in the area of Human Capital Development and Conversions (HCDC) have resulted in a major breakthrough - the establishment of "The Conversion Process of Social Capital to Disposable Capital."

Worthy of note is the fact that our breakthrough of converting Social Capital to Disposable Capital has been patented under the Patents and Design Act; CAP 344 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 1990, with Patent No NG/P/2019/94 and Sealing Date of 24/04/19.

SCCGNL is now set to offer Free Ownership of the Necessities of Life to the world, through the instrumentality of our platform, to address and eliminate the financial hurdles in acquiring the necessities of life.

This innovation is set to revolutionise the way we relate with people and how we acquire or make provisions for the necessities of life, such as: cars; houses; land; real estate rents; school fees; and other concerns.

The Significance of Our Mission

Through our mission and the approach thereof, we are refocusing people to the importance of relationship, hence, partnership:

  • As it clearly reveals the possibility of having all things pertaining to life through partnership.
  • As people can now experience directly how their relationships enhance the quality of their lives, right here and right now.

This initiative will greatly stimulate our nation’s economy by creating jobs in: Real Estate, Banking Industry, Automobile Industry, and related industries, thereby enhancing people's value capabilities.
It also, will greatly help our nation in resolving the housing need of our people.
It is a platform designed for all to partake, being extremely flexible to accommodate everyone, no matter one's level on social strata.
This SCCGNL empowerment initiative has enormous capacity to irreversibly graduate our people not only out of poverty level, but from whatever level of living to their dream life.
The emergence at this time of this initiatiative is most timely, in providing the much needed cushion and empowerment for our people, which will ultimately boost our nation’s economy, in the face of global economic downturn, that precipitates limited cash flow, hence dwindling purchasing power.

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