“Think About It”

How It Works

What do you want?

(Decide on the edition or category you want to run right now)

Determine the value

How much should the desired item of the chosen edition cost?

You need to be guided by the amount of cash you have readily at hand, and also of the people in your network, so you don't prolong the process of realizing your dream and of those in your network. In other words, starting with what you have will fast-track the process for you and those in your network, so you could complete the process within a short period, then re-enter again and again, till you become strong enough to go for your dream item.

What does it take?

All it takes is having a social network, that is, having people in your life with whom you have influence, and of whom you will only need 10 people to realize your dream

Sociologists say that, “Even introverted people will influence an average of 10,000 people in their lifetime. ” Just think about that! Someone who’s not trying to lead others will impact so many.

Now, think of what you could do if you are intentional about influencing/leading people around you.

Therefore, you have what it takes!

What must you do?

A non-refundable Subscription Fee (SF) of only 2% of the value of your choice edition (car or land or house) is necessary, for administrative purposes

For demand control purposes, you are required to temporarily deposit 20% of the value of your choice edition as your Participation Commitment Fee (PCF).

Please note that, whatever you cannot generate or raise 20% of its value, you cannot maintain.

You have our assurances that your 20% Participation Commitment Fee (PCF) will be fully refunded to you at your completion of the process, giving you a Free Ownership of your choice edition.

Choose a suitable funding option

There are three(3) options to consider towards meeting the Financial Requirements. No option is superior to another. Your best option should simply be a function of what is convenient for you and your network, in terms of readily available cash:

Full Personal Funding (FPF)

This option is suitable for you if you are sure of being able to effect the full payment of your Subscription Fee (SF) and the Participation Commitment Fee (PCF) all by yourself.

Bank Assisted Funding (BAF)

This is an option where you utilize bank facility to augment the not enough cash you have at hand in order to realize your dream quickly. However, in this case, you would be required to fully pay by yourself the Subscription Fee (SF), while the Bank assists to the maximum of 40% of your Participation Commitment Fee (PCF), after you have raised the 60% of the PCF, as your equity participation to the bank. For your convinience, the bank assistance is being facilitated and guaranteed by Social Capital Conversion Global Network Ltd. Please know that, the bank facility will be paid back from your PCF refund.

Aspirant Status (AS)

This is an option where you have no cash to pay for both Subscription Fee (SF) and Participation Commitment Fee (PCF), but you know for sure, that you have in your social network people who have the capacity to meet the temporal financial requirements. All you need do is to choose Aspirant Status option, and enlist under you twelve(12) people from your social network. For this option, you are granted: Free Subscription Fee and Free Participation Commitment Fee(PCF), for whatever desired item you chose.

Register your interest

After you have finally decided on the edition; the value of the item; and the suitable funding option, you now need to create an account with us using a valid email address, by clicking on the "Register Now" button below.
This will take you to the Subscription Portal, and finally to your Personal Dashboard, where all your decisions and the social capital conversion activities towards achieving free ownership of your dream item, are reflected.

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Converting your social capital to disposable capital

After registering your interest, the work towards realising your dream now begins:

It involves deploying your social capital power by connecting with people in your social network, who may share your desire for the same or higher value, but not necessarily the same item of your chosen edition (car or land or house or house rent or school fees), and are willing to commit financially, as you have done.

You need to continue reaching out to people in your social network, until you have successfully helped ten (10) people (downlines) to join the Free Ownership of the Necessities of Life family, under you.

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Making free ownership of the necessities of life possible

While our subscribers are busy leveraging on their social capitals, we, on the other hand fast-track and complete the process by leveraging the whole population and PCFs on our competencies in Industrial Marketing; Real Estate and Fund Management to secure the economy of large scale benefits for them, with: Land Owners; Real Estate Developers; Auto Manufacturers/Distributors and Financial Institutions across the country, and to also optimize our financial liquidity and gains.
These are a few of our internal leveraging systems that guarantees continuous value addition; security of subscribers fund, and against system collapse, hence, for sustainability and profitability of this initiative.
On the day of presentation of the desired item, the 20% PCF deposited is fully refunded to you. Meaning we have succeeded through our Multiple Leveraging Systems (MLS) of converting your social capital into disposable capital, and channelling same through our internal leveraging systems to make possible Free Ownership of the Necessities of Life, indeed.

Let's Begin